Type 718-Class Cutter

The Type 718-class cutter, also known as the Zhaojun-class cutter, is a patrol ship in service with the China Coast Guard Bureau (CCGB). With a 76mm deck gun, range of 6,500 nautical miles (nm), and speed of twenty-five knots, the 718 is more than capable of conducting blue-water patrol missions in contested areas. Furthermore, the 718 boasts a versatile boat launch facility towards the rear of the vessel, meaning the cutter can extend its blue-water capabilities into brown-water areas of operation.

  • Country: People's Republic of China

  • Entered Service: 2008

  • Number in Service: 9

  • Crew: NA

  • Deployment Endurance: NA

  • Helicopters: Z-8, Z-9, Z-20

  • Armament: 76mm Deck Gun, Small Arms

  • Max Speed: 25 Knots

  • Range: 6,500 nm

  • Propulsion: NA

  • Length: 100 M

  • Beam: 13 M

  • Displacement (Full Load): 2,700 Tons