Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) has ruthlessly asserted its control over large swaths of Mexican territory in a short period of time, thus proving itself as one of Mexico's deadliest and most effective criminal syndicates. This success has not occurred by accident. Instead, intelligent and pitiless leaders have guided the organization through difficult law enforcement crackdowns and bloody cartel conflicts. Below, The Intelligence Ledger has provided an accurate leadership chart of CJNG in hopes of assisting policymakers, law enforcement officials, and citizens of the United States in their quest to understand this new and emerging threat. 

Abigail Valencia
Ulises Mora-Tapia
Gerardo González Valencia
José González Valencia
Jesus Contreras Arceo
Juan Perez-Vargos
Jorge Manuel Cobian-Gonzalez
Juan Manuel Abozaid El Bayeh